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    Water Technology Development

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    Themes - Water Technology Development

    Theme Opportunities

    Water is a primary component in many oil and gas production processes. The industry is continuously developing new ways to effectively manage their use of water – from where it is sourced, to how and how much of it is used, to the methods of treating, processing and eventually disposing of it.

    The Water Technology Development working group is looking at advanced water technologies for the oil and gas industry and discussing potential applicability across other sectors.

    They are actively exploring how different water technologies are being used in Canada. From reducing operational costs and improving the reliability and efficiency of water recycling to technologies to reduce the footprint of oil sands facilities and fresh-water intensity.

    Focus Areas

    • Water treatment technologies addressing input water quality aspects - total dissolved solids (TDS), organics, total suspended solids (TSS), turbidity, grease, oil, and silica

    • Operational efficiency solutions - novel instrumentation, process control, online analyzers, leak prevention, asset integrity, tank inspection and cleaning technologies, feedwater production efficiency, incorporation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, other digital solutions

    • Alternative steam generation technologies - steam from alternative and recycled feedwaters

    • Technologies to improve quality and increase reuse of disposal process streams - reducing oil and grease, TSS, organics, etc., minimizing impacts to groundwater quantity and quality

    Tech Leader

    Chris Godwaldt

    Director, Water

    Pathways Alliance

    Water management is global, spanning industry sectors & geography. Collaborating through the CRIN Water multi-sectoral network allows me to reach outside the oil and gas sector for solutions proven in other sectors, to improve performance.

    Tech Theme Highlights

    Over 2021-2022, CRIN provided $82,000 to WaterSMART Solutions and COSIA to reduce barriers to collaboration through:

    • Emerging Technologies for Water Treatment webinar series

    • Water Working Group facilitated engagement sessions

    • Sharing knowledge of research and technology development pilots and studies with the public

    CRIN is investing $50,000 to develop a framework for evaluating water reuse technology.

    Webinars & Presentations