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    Digital Oil and Gas Technology

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    Themes - Digital Oil & Gas

    Theme Opportunities

    Companies in the oil and gas industry can introduce significant cost savings and efficiencies into their operations by adopting customized and flexible digital tools and solutions.

    Members of the Digital Oil and Gas Technology working group are exploring, developing and deploying digital solutions to deliver value across their respective organizations in environmental monitoring, operational efficiency, capital project execution, and health and safety.

    The cross-sector engagement generated by our collaboration is leading to fewer data silos, improved performance and business growth.

    Focus Areas

    • Improving integrity, timeliness, and accessibility of environmental monitoring metrics and data

    • Creating operational efficiency and cost reductions of monitoring and measurement activities

    • Producing capital efficiency of project execution and streamlined workflows

    • Improving reliability and cost efficiency in health and safety monitoring and maintenance

    Tech Leaders

    Nannette Ho-Covernton

    Sustainability Leader

    Spartan Controls

    Heather Herring


    Tech Theme Highlights

    In partnership with the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada (PTAC), CRIN is enabling access to the Innovation Showcase, an online platform for subject matter expert technology providers to showcase their new and emerging cleantech solutions via video.

    This online video library is a complementary platform to CRIN’s Innovation Central

    Webinars & Presentations


    • Bringing Innovative Digital Solution to the Oil and Gas Sector