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    Everyone at the Table

    Solving big problems is most effective when all stakeholders are involved.

    Advancing oil and gas industry innovation from an idea to a commercially viable product or solution doesn’t happen in isolation. It requires the engagement of individuals from a wide variety of sectors, each bringing their own experiences, perspectives and resources to the table to make meaningful advancements. CRIN is the place where this happens.

    Mangrove has joined CRIN as it provides us an excellent opportunity to advance our technology in the oil sands to help make the hydrocarbon sector more effective, efficient and carbon competitive. We believe being a part of CRIN will provide us with the opportunity to learn and work alongside like-minded organizations that can help advance adoption of our technology.
    — Saad Dara, Chief Executive Officer, Mangrove Water Technologies Ltd.

    We are the network of networks that enables passionate, energetic people within the clean resource innovation ecosystem to develop relationships. We are the table at which connections are made and progress is achieved.

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