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    Making Connections to Accelerate Progress

    Time matters when it comes to improving the environmental performance of the energy industry. Getting new ideas and solutions tested and ready for commercialization can be challenging without the right connections and support systems.

    Who helps make connections? Support Services.

    • They are startup incubators and accelerators, and those who support them.

    • They are not for profit groups like CRIN.

    • They are government funded entities that provide support to the ecosystem.

    • They are industry associations, regulators and engineering procurement and construction (EPC) firms.

    • They are social innovators and think tanks.

    CRIN’s purpose is to be a support to the Canadian energy innovation ecosystem by creating the forum where all stakeholders come together, sharing knowledge and resources to accelerate the development of clean technologies.

    When to connect with the Support Service sector:

    • When you want to join an accelerator program

    • When you are looking for advisors/mentors/board members

    • When you are looking for specialized business services or consultants

    • When you would like to connect with industry associations or research councils

    • When you need to explore supply chain services

    • When you need help understanding regulatory requirements

    • When you are interested in advising/mentoring cleantech startup up companies