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    It Starts With an Idea

    Commitments to net-zero energy and improvements to land and water will be achieved by the clean technology solutions being developed and field tested today.

    Who is developing those solutions? Innovators.

    • They are entrepreneurs with bold ideas.

    • They are operators and technical staff who recognize and implement ideas to improve operational efficiency.

    • They are businesses of all sizes that provide solutions to make our world a better place.

    • They are governments and academic institutions that provide research and inspire innovative business opportunities.

    CRIN fosters innovation by providing innovators access to a network of funders, support services, potential customers and talented people who are eager to grow the Canadian clean energy technology market. We provide Innovators with an opportunity to hear firsthand the challenges companies are having and to work directly with those companies to provide solutions.

    When to connect with the Innovator sector:

    • When you need an industry/operational problem solved

    • When you are looking to invest in early stage cleantech

    • When you can offer support services for innovators

    • When you want to work for a cleantech startup