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    Investing in Solutions

    Innovation to achieve a sustainable, cleaner energy future requires investment.

    Where does that capital come from? Funders.

    • They are angel investors and venture capitalists who believe in Canada’s innovators.

    • They are federal, provincial and regional governments who de-risk investment through the early technology development phase.

    • They are financial institutes who have committed resources to enable technology.

    • They are technology adopters looking to be part of the solution.

    CRIN’s funder/investor sector aims to foster and grow relationships between innovators and financial partners across Canada. The goal is to create opportunities and to advance technologies to commercialization.

    When to connect with the Funder sector:

    • When you are seeking private investment (angels & VCs)

    • When you are looking for institutional investors or lending support

    • To learn if you are eligible for government grants and awards