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    Developing the Skills and Expertise Needed for the Future

    Youth, post-secondary, young professionals, and those transitioning in their careers make up the next generation of energy leaders. The Talent sector also plays an important role in helping alleviate Canada’s tech labour shortage by deepening and broadening our talent pool - attracting and connecting skilled immigrants with industry opportunities, which furthers the global reach of Canadian innovation development. These groups are innovative, collaborative and will help to build a diverse and skilled workforce.

    Who will help guide our future energy leaders? Talent Builders.

    • They are Indigenous community partners, businesses and capacity builders, including Indigenous technology businesses and associations.

    • They are the young professional associations.

    • They are student groups.

    • They are colleges, universities, trade schools and other credential providers.

    • They are employment support services.

    CRIN will facilitate talent attraction and acceleration of the transformation to emerging workforce capabilities and competencies.

    When to connect with the Talent sector:

    • When you would like to explore oil and gas career opportunities

    • When you are committed to advancing Indigenous capacity building, and workforce retention and development

    • When you are a recently arrived immigrant looking to match your experience and skills to opportunities in the Canadian energy industry

    • When you are interested in joining a young professionals association

    • When you are interested in mentoring young professionals

    • When you are interested in post-secondary education opportunities relating to cleantech

    • When you are interested in professional development and micro credential programs