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    Building on a History of Collaboration & Innovation

    A Network of Networks

    The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a pan-Canadian network founded to enable clean energy development by commercializing and adopting technologies for the oil and gas industry.

    We bring together diverse expertise from industry, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, governments, and many others to enable solutions that improve the industry’s environmental and economic performance. We believe that these solutions will be applied across Canadian industries and around the globe, and that energy development and environmental stewardship together will have local, national and international benefits.

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    Our technology-themed investments and working groups drive innovation in Canada’s oil and gas industry, mapped against industry priorities to address environmental and cost competitiveness challenges. Learn more about the work being done in the areas of:

    Cleaner Fuels - Reducing Carbon Intensity

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    an amplifier and a connector

    Innovation Central

    View innovative solutions from across CRIN’s network.

    Innovation Central provides a platform where innovators can showcase their emerging technologies. By providing this much needed visibility, new partnerships and collaborations, funding and investment, and vital knowledge-sharing can take place.

    Producers, investors/funders, solution developers, governments, researchers, accelerators and many others, can use this tool to find the people and resources they need to bring innovations to commercialization and wide-spread adoption.

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    Clean Energy Technology Competitions Powered by CRIN

    Our three Oil and Gas Technology Competitions provided up to $80 million in matching funds for late-stage breakthrough clean technology projects.

    Digital Oil & Gas Technology Competition

    CRIN’s Digital Oil & Gas Technology Competition identified high-impact digital technology solutions to address challenges in Canada’s oil and gas industry with the goal of improving environmental performance and competitiveness.

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    Low Emission Fuels and Products Technology Competition

    CRIN's Low Emission Fuels and Products Technology Competition sourced technologies that reduce the carbon intensity of the products and development processes from Canada’s oil and gas industry, including transportation fuels and other hydrocarbon-derived products.

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    Reducing Environmental Footprint Technology Competition

    CRIN's Reducing Environmental Footprint Technology Competition advanced technology solutions for high-priority environmental challenges across the oil and gas industry with the intent to export technologies internationally and for application across Canada’s industrial sector.

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