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    Cleaner Fuels - Reducing Carbon Intensity

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    Themes - Cleaner Fuels

    Theme Opportunities

    Canada possesses the resource, knowledge and experience to be a pioneer in producing cleaner fuels and clean fuel technology.

    Developing cleaner fuels will take a combination of innovative ideas and comprehensive, thoughtful policies. Developing new and cleaner fuels can reduce the carbon intensity of moving people and goods.

    As the Clean Fuel Standard [SB1] [SB2] and related provincial policies are developed and released, our discussions as part of this working group will help companies devise strategies and generate ideas to drive continued innovation in Canada and policies that cultivate the clean resource ecosystem.

    Cross-sector members are providing their expertise, company resources and their ideas to develop cleaner fuels technology and policy advice. Examples include innovative fuels and the production of fuels from biogenic feedstocks, potentially including waste products, bitumen partial upgrading, or other novel processes.

    Focus Areas

    • Hydrocarbon upgrading

    • Hydrogen generation

    • Transportation

    • Air quality

    • Alternative energy

    • Emission reduction / eco-efficiency

    • Refinery adaptation

    Tech Leader


    Vice President - Western Canada innovation and regulatory affairs

    Canadian fuels association

    The path forward is diversifying our energy mix while continuing to improve on what we rely on today. Finding creative solutions that lead to better environmental outcomes, while ensuring a strong resilient economy.

    Tech Theme Highlights

    In partnership with the Canadian Fuels Association, CRIN hosted a webinar series on the implications of policy development and direction on Canada’s oil and gas sector.

    The series explored current and pending policies, jurisdictional alignment or lack thereof, incentives, and domestic and international challenges.


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