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    Novel Land and Wellsite Remediation

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    Theme Opportunities

    Efficient and timely remediation of retiring oil and gas assets is an issue that has been talked about a lot in recent years. How the industry handles land management is a prime opportunity to not only demonstrate our commitment to ESG, but also to showcase technology and skills development, and business innovation.

    The Novel Land and Wellsite Remediation working group is focused on developing solutions for land management and the retirement of inactive oil and gas assets that involve:

    • Accelerating timelines to closure

    • Reducing costs

    • Ensuring sustainability in the methods selected for environmental management

    Focus Areas

    • Developing fit-for-purpose technologies and novel approaches

    • Solutions that support liability management and strategic planning of closure activities

    • Onsite or offsite remediation solutions

    • Advanced data gathering and analytical techniques

    • Digital technologies that underpin the objectives of this technology focus area

    Tech Leader

    Katie Howes

    Project Engineer Technology & Innovation

    Canadian Natural Resources Ltd

    I love witnessing synergies within CRIN’s pan-Canadian and multi-sectoral network. My passion is creating connections that amplify existing initiatives and drive collaboration. Together we can accelerate environmental performance.

    Tech Theme Highlights

    In partnership with AUPRF’s Remediation Reclamation Research Committee (RRRC), CRIN is providing $295,000 through 2022-2024 to support:

    • Low Probability Receptor (LPR) demonstration project

    • Soil & Groundwater Guideline Calculator

    • Alberta Background Soil Quality System – Phase 1

    • Remote Sensing Tools for Environmental Monitoring and Certification of Wellsites

    Webinars & Presentations

    • CRIN/PTAC Event Summary: Demand for wellsite closures presents opportunities for oil and gas sector (Dec. 9, 2020)
    • Vision for Future of Wellsite Asset Retirement - Presentation (Dec. 9, 2020)
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    • ​CRIN: How a ‘network of networks’ is helping support asset retirement
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    • Legacy Asset Reclamation Roadmap
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    • Tools of the trade: Industry finding new methods to manage legacy assets
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