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    Together we can achieve our vision of Canada as the global leader in cleaner hydrocarbons from source to end use.

    Across Canada, there is a dedicated group of industries, entrepreneurs, investors, academia, governments and many others all driving towards the same goal – to develop, commercialize and foster the adoption of innovative clean technology solutions.

    How will they achieve this ambitious goal? That’s where the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) comes in. We facilitate connections and partnerships. We amplify ideas and expertise. We produce unexpected solutions for global energy challenges.

    Our work together is driving Canadian energy competitiveness and improving the oil and gas industry’s environmental performance.

    By identifying industry challenges, we create the right conditions to accelerate the commercialization and widespread adoption of oil and gas clean technologies.

    That’s progress we all benefit from.

    Technology Themes

    The challenges we face are big, and so are the opportunities.

    To help transform the pace of innovation in the oil and gas sector, we focus on nurturing the development of solutions in seven theme areas that show the highest potential to improve environmental performance:

    • Cleaner Fuels - Reducing Carbon Intensity
    • Digital Oil and Gas Technology
    • Carbon Capture and Value Added Products
    • Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction
    • Novel Land and Wellsite Remediation
    • Methane Monitoring, Quantification and Abatement
    • Water Technology Development

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