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    Jun 20, 2022

    Member Spotlight: Validere

    Describe your organization. What does Validere do? 

    At Validere, we provide all-in-one commodity management that allows energy organizations to find clarity. We transform disconnected, incomplete data into a single source of truth that guides critical short-term and long-term decisions.

    Our combination of technology and expert guidance helps organizations reduce uncertainty and solve the toughest operational, commercial and environmental challenges. Our platform makes data easily accessible so teams can act with speed, and it provides companies with the clarity they need to navigate physical and carbon markets.

    In tandem with our technology, Validere’s experts across data science, physical science, engineering, and energy serve as trusted advisors who deeply understand the evolving landscape and challenges businesses face.

    Over 50 of North America’s leading energy companies rely on Validere for:

    • Carbon reduction: We help streamline regulatory reporting and sharpen decarbonization strategies, providing visibility into Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

    • Marketing: Our expert consultants offer clarity into the whole market so businesses can sell efficiently and manage commitments.

    • Investor relations: We provide ongoing validation into commodity data so companies can meet evolving regulatory standards and shareholder demands.

    • Finance: Businesses use us to view their operations at a granular level, so they can make informed capital deployment decisions and proactively reduce operational costs.

    • Operations: We help identify and reduce the impact of operational uncertainties, including facility imbalances, lost and unaccounted for (L&U), and other challenges.

    How is the work Validere does different or novel? What new or novel technologies is Validere working on or using?

    What sets Validere’s technology and team of experts apart is our holistic approach to helping companies navigate the evolving marketplace. As the only provider of all-in-one commodity management, we serve as pragmatic partners who are grounded in the realities facing the energy industry and so we can reduce ongoing uncertainty and risk around operational, commercial and environmental decisions.

    Our technology creates a single source of truth by refining data in a centralized location, enabling easy collaboration and cross-functional decision-making through digital workspaces. We apply analytics and ongoing validation to a company’s data, which allows them to fully understand their inventory in real time. Taking a holistic approach, our platform provides full visibility into the supply chain and tracks 700+ operational and emissions-related attributes.

    How does Validere work with or engage with the CRIN network to enable tech development and/or grow the cleantech ecosystem in the oil and gas industry? 

    As a new member of CRIN, we are excited to join the network and to begin collaborating with other leaders within the cleantech and energy sectors. We look forward to connecting with experts and organizations that share our mission to better human prosperity by making the energy supply chain efficient and sustainable. We also hope to help others by sharing our expertise across energy, data science, physical science, and engineering, and can provide strategic guidance and technical expertise in advising equipment upgrades, facility designs, chemical programs, blending, emissions management programs, and more.

    Please provide a quote about the value/benefit of CRIN membership to your organization.   

    “We value partnering with organizations like CRIN that seek to foster effective collaboration across disciplines in order to drive meaningful and impactful change. We look forward to working with fellow members to help transform the industry by making energy efficient, sustainable and plentiful.” - Charlene Undseth, Vice President Business Development at Validere.

    How can CRIN members connect with your organization? 



    How does your organization apply CRIN’s Social Contract values and principles within your community? 

     With a focus on diversity, honesty and taking a holistic approach to solving today’s pressing energy challenges, CRIN’s Social Contract aligns perfectly with Validere’s core values. We look forward to working with members of the community to put these principles into impactful actions, removing the friction around scaling sustainability efforts while driving the highest value with fairness and transparency.

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