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    May 31, 2022

    June 16 Demo Day – Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil and Gas Program

    Earlier this year, CRIN and Canada Cleantech Alliance launched the Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas Program designed to help Canada’s cleantech innovators acquire the knowledge, tools and expertise required to advance cleantech innovations that will help reduce CO2 emissions in the oil and gas sector.
    As part of the training program, eight startups had the opportunity to learn about the best approaches to navigate the oil and gas innovation space and explore topics such as industry ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) mandates, the funding ecosystem and guidelines to engage with the oil and gas sector. Finally, participating innovators received one-on-one training from Cycle Momentum on how to successfully pitch a business idea to potential investors.
    According to Maike Althaus, Executive Director at Canada Cleantech Alliance, there are many benefits of this partnership: “Access to customers and capital are key issues for Canada’s cleantech sector and understanding the customer is a fundamental piece. The Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas Program, which is at the heart of our partnership with CRIN, allows the participating ventures to adapt their solutions and to learn how to effectively ‘sell’ them to oil and gas operators. The mentorship program, a crucial component of the program, will provide customized networking and learning opportunities which we expect will open doors for the Program participants.”
    The Cleantech Innovation in Oil & Gas program ends on June 16th with a virtual Demo Day that will showcase the eight cleantech innovators that have participated in the training program. Join us and meet these innovators, learn about their unique technologies and explore the possibilities for potential partnership and investment opportunities. The panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities cleantech entrepreneurs may encounter when looking for investment and collaboration opportunities. 

    The event will kick off with an engaging panel including:

    Meet the Innovators!

    June 16 Demo Day – Accelerating Cleantech Innovation in Oil and Gas Program

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