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    Apr 24, 2024 12:00 p.m.
    Apr 24, 2024 1:00 p.m.
    Mountain Time

    Enabling Digital Technology for Extraction and Production


    Digital solutions are key to improving hydrocarbon production with minimal environmental footprint. Successfully combining these technologies into our processes is crucial.

    Companies experience varied success with digital technology, largely influenced by their unique approaches to managing digital products. To fully leverage digital innovations, it’s essential to identify the traits of successful technology implementation and the project management techniques that support them.

    Our panel will examine the key strategies that drive successful digital adoption in the hydrocarbon sector. We’ll share insights and examine:

    • The Producer’s Perspective: Balancing the primary goal of production with the necessity of digital development, and when to seek partnerships.
    • Expertise in Product Management: The critical role of experienced product managers and the producer’s commitment required for successful agile development.
    • Adoption and Change Management: Effective strategies for post-development growth and adoption.
    • Innovation and Risk: The courage and audacity needed to launch products that are not complete and the role of trusted external partners in this phase.

    This panel will be moderated by Stephen Arseniuk, CRIN's Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction technology theme lead.

    • Lindsay Campbell (Validere)
    • Damien Hocking (Madala Software)
    • Carolina Diaz-Goano (Innumerix)

    Join us for an engaging and informative discussion on April 24th at the Energy Transition Centre in downtown Calgary or via Zoom.

    Lunch will be served for those who RSVP to attend in person.

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